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Jobzeee Site Performance - Ezoic Monthly Income Report - August 2020 - Make Money Online Philippines

I have been experimenting with making money online since 2015. I have built many sites that usually earn through Adsense. I was also able to experiment with a dropshipping site for 2 years.  This year I thought of creating another site to make money online. In July 2020, I created this Philippine job board website  and applied it in Ezoic ad program. I got accepted because on the first month the website already got 10,000+ sessions which is the minimum required sessions. Ezoic customer service is also superb. They helped me setup the website and get the ads running. August 2020 Traffic Below is my traffic screenshot for the month of August (2nd month of the website) Most of my traffic come from Facebook and Google. Some of my FB job groups have 20000+ members so I get many referral traffic from that. Also, the website is already on the job snippets of Google that is why google_job_apply organic traffic is high. Searck Keywords The following screenshots are from Google Search Console fo