IPhone XR Smart Phone Plan Renewal and Unboxing Video

I finished my 24-month contract for IPhone 6s Plus Smart plan earlier this year. I loved the 6s Plus. I have been using it for 2 years without any problems. We had a lot of memories and a lot of videos/photos taken with it. I had the option to renew my plan with a new phone or just stop the plan. I love taking videos and want to upgrade to a phone capable of 4k videos. So, I renewed my smart plan with IPhone XR black 64GB.

Here are the steps on how to renew the Smart phone plan via the Internet:

1. Go to smart.com.ph, login to your account.
2. If you are eligible for plan renewal, you should see a button for plan renewal. 
3. Choose the phone number connected to the plan, choose your plan and choose your phone. I chose the Smart Plan 2999.
4. My current phone plan (Smart Data Plan 2500) is capable of upgrading to IPhone XR so I selected that.
5. I then proceeded to the checkout page. The cashout is P500. 

After 24 hours, a Smart representative called me to confirm my purchase of Plan renewal. I paid the cashout via VISA card.

Four days after my transaction, I received the package from Smart. I love the phone so far and very happy with 4k video capability. Now I am ready to take a lot of videos with it!

Here is my quick Iphone XR unboxing video:


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