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Install an SSL Certificate in Hostgator-Hosted Wordpress Site

One of my websites, , has been live for 2 years and has been receiving a significant amount of traffic and transactions. So I have been contemplating on installing an SSL certificate to secure the data transactions, increase credibility and improve search rankings. The site is hosted in Hostgator along with the domain. After researching, I found out that the recommended SSL to install in my site is a Domain Validated Positive SSL certificate since there are no credit card transactions in my site but only jobs and resume submissions. Here are the easy steps on how I secured my website. 1. Buy the SSL Certificate To buy the certificate, log into the customer portal, clicked hosting tab then click SSL certificates. Choose the domain you want the certificate to be installed in then click buy now. After clicking buy now, it will take you to the following screen. Fill up the information and validation method can be DNS CName then checkout. I bought 39.99