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July Google Adsense Payment Report

Gikan pakog laba medyo kapuy pa. :) But it was a great day yesterday. I received another payment from Google Adsense with a significant increase compared to the month of June . Month of June - 387.53 USD Month of July - 529.15 USD (I received 24,159.71 Php) A difference of 141.62 is great at least for me. This inspires me to keep going. Traffic: The overall number of Sessions in my sites for the month of July is 39,027. June had the overall traffic of 28,666. I am happy with my earnings so far and currently looking into affiliate marketing to add to it. Unta musaka pa next month.

Wide VS Macro VS Fish Eye VS Normal IPhone Lens

As part of my goal to learn mobile photography and videography, I bought a 3 in 1 mobile phone lens from Lazada. In this post, I will give example of images and videos using the lenses. All the images and videos below were taken using the Iphone 6s plus back camera.  Normal Camera Fish Eye Lens Macro Lens Wide Angle Lens I really liked the wide angle and macro lenses. I will be using wide angle for videos and macro for photos. Here are some shots I took with the Macro lens.