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Google Adsense Payment Report - July 22, 2016

It has been ages since I last posted something in this blog. Lots of things happened since then. I got married, I opened up an ecommerce business but had to close it after almost 2 years, worked as a freelancer, had a baby and lost him/her while my wife was still pregnant.

Apart from freelancing, I got my hands into making money online through Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. I own a couple of websites for this venture.

Today I received a payment from Google for my earnings last month, June. The below screenshot is the payment receipt. I will be receiving the money through Western Union.

I am sharing this report to encourage those that are trying to make money online that you can really make money with Google Adsense. I know the amount is not much but atleast I got something as a passive income and I receive them monthly. I think I will be posting every payment report from now on.


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