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Google Adsense Achievement: 1 Million Impressions

My Adsense account was approved on the year 2011. I earned money with it from 2011 to 2012 through niche sites getting traffic from search engines. The year 2012 was also the year of the first penguin update. The update affected all of my sites and suddenly put a halt to my earnings.  Since 2012, I had not used Adsense in making money online until this year. So from 2011 to 2012 and 2016, my Adsense account lifetime ad impressions hit 1 million. Google was kind enough to remind me of this small milestone. Thanks G!

Apple Iphone 6s Plus + Short Film

I recently bought an Apple Iphone 6s Plus space gray color.  The reason why I bought it is that I want to learn mobile photography and videography. The last photography camera I had was Nikon D5200 which was great for advanced beginner users. This , this and this are some examples of my shots using Nikon. Since I sold that camera, I lost touch with my passion for photography. So, buying this iphone is a great rekindle of this lost love. Here is an unboxing video my wife did: I played a little with the video camera and came up with a short film called Source (video below).

Google Adsense Payment Report - July 22, 2016

It has been ages since I last posted something in this blog. Lots of things happened since then. I got married, I opened up an ecommerce business but had to close it after almost 2 years, worked as a freelancer, had a baby and lost him/her while my wife was still pregnant. Apart from freelancing, I got my hands into making money online through Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. I own a couple of websites for this venture. Today I received a payment from Google for my earnings last month, June. The below screenshot is the payment receipt. I will be receiving the money through Western Union. I am sharing this report to encourage those that are trying to make money online that you can really make money with Google Adsense. I know the amount is not much but atleast I got something as a passive income and I receive them monthly. I think I will be posting every payment report from now on.