3 of the Top Young Executives Who Prove Success Can Be Achieved at Any Age

Success is just a seven-letter word, yet means a million different things to different people. Some say that it takes years to achieve it. However, there are a few lucky individuals who, at a young age, have accomplished so much in their chosen fields not only to build an empire of their own, but also to help make a difference in the lives of other people.

We have picked out three of the most successful executives who prove that age is nothing when it comes to achieving great success.

Top 1: Francis Adam Sollano, 27

Francis Adam Sollano belongs to a family of entrepreneurs, inspiring him to finish Bachelor of Science in Management in the University of the Philippines in Cebu City. He is a visual artist who has become famous for upcycling garbage into wearable, fashionable art. Francis designs fashion accessories, as well as home accessories and installations. Mr. Sollano has partnered with commercial institutions to drive programs that allow him access to materials that he will later transform into intricate masterpieces. This process has worked well in helping solve environmental problems, like proper solid waste disposal and upcycling reusable garbage. With proper waste management being a national concern in the Philippines, what Francis does is truly commendable. At his age, others can only be found in clubs and malls living the high life, but Francis Adam is doing all he can to make a difference not only in his life, but also to the world.

The current condition of solid waste management in the Philippines and the fact that it would ultimately affect future generations if not properly addressed, Francis takes responsibility and steps up to challenge by merging garbage and high-fashion design in the most sustainable way. His Trashion series is an example that there is indeed treasure in everyday trash by adding a stylish take on it.

Francis is now a self-made social entrepreneur; he painstakingly incorporate his views on the environment with his tasteful handmade creations. The passion and commitment he shows in his advocacy has made him the very admirable and inspiring person he is today. Nowadays, he is one of the leading presenters and speakers in public forums, discussions and talks on sustainability in local universities to help bring to an international platform, starting with Southeast Asia and ultimately to the rest of the world.

Awards and Affiliations:
  • Executive Director, Youth for a Livable Cebu (Cebu, Philippines) 
  • Global Shaper by World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland)
  • ELEVATE Fellow, British Council (London, UK)

Top 2: Paulo Uy, 36

Currently, Paulo Uy is the executive director of Cebu Digital Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. He is a Business Major graduate of USJ-R and is currently taking Juris Doctors at UC-Banilad.

He started business in the field of Technology in 2008. He organized a technology company in 2009 with four employees and have grown it to more than a hundred employees.

In 2013, he established Cebu Digital Outsourcing Solutions to cater for the niche of smaller technology companies as a back-end service provider. Services include voice, software and back-end business processes.

In 2014, he set up HostChili.com Domain Resources, a web hosting company.

Paulo also started Kompak Media, a web development company to meet the demand of other project-based clients.

Today, Paulo Uy has a growing list of clients based in Australia, the United Kingdom, USA, and Canada. Recently, his locally based clients are growing as well.

Top 3: Stephen Carlo Juanito, 26

Who would have thought that a former staff nurse from a tertiary hospital would be this successful in a totally different field. At the age of 26, Stephen has already been entrusted by major businesses from Toronto, Canada to take care of marketing their brands. He is currently making a huge difference in the outsourcing industry. Stephen's simple yet very commendable vision is to create more JOBS for the Filipino people. 

Stephen is currently the country manager/head of operations for 4one6 Media, which is a comprehensive online media solutions firm with innovative marketing services that provide only the very best team resources for various business needs. With the current ascent of the business outsourcing industry, Stephen and his partners have vowed to train and work with exceptional Filipinos to ensure that they provide services that exceed client expectations. His dynamic marketing company continuously evolves to reflect the changing marketplace for small to medium-sized local businesses across Canada and the US, as well as neighboring Asian countries and local businesses in Cebu, to help provide more and more home-based opportunities for Filipinos. 

As you can see, age has nothing to do when it comes to achieving great things. These young execs should serve as an inspiration for other young hopefuls to never give up their dreams. With PERSEVERANCE, PASSION and DETERMINATION, anything is possible. 


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