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3 of the Top Young Executives Who Prove Success Can Be Achieved at Any Age

Success is just a seven-letter word, yet means a million different things to different people. Some say that it takes years to achieve it. However, there are a few lucky individuals who, at a young age, have accomplished so much in their chosen fields not only to build an empire of their own, but also to help make a difference in the lives of other people. We have picked out three of the most successful executives who prove that age is nothing when it comes to achieving great success. Top 1: Francis Adam Sollano, 27 Francis Adam Sollano belongs to a family of entrepreneurs, inspiring him to finish Bachelor of Science in Management in the University of the Philippines in Cebu City. He is a visual artist who has become famous for upcycling garbage into wearable, fashionable art. Francis designs fashion accessories, as well as home accessories and installations. Mr. Sollano has partnered with commercial institutions to drive programs that allow him access to mat