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8 SEO Strategies We Use To Rank an E-Commerce Website

7 months ago today my girlfriend and I launched an online makeup store targeting the Philippines. Before even launching the site, we already know that the way to go for this website to have long-term success is through search engine organic rankings. There was no other way around. This is a bootstrapped business so paid marketing is only the second option. The aim really was to gather free traffic through Google. Fast forward today, the website is enjoying free organic traffic. We will share to you the top 8 search engine optimization strategies for online shopping in the Philippines that we employed to be on the top. At the end of this post, we will also show you some of the keywords that are currently ranking. 1. Keyword Research Keywords are the foundation of a successful SEO campaign. We used the Google Adwords keyword tool to see which makeup-related keywords are being searched by the people from the Philippines and their corresponding search traffic. Since off