From East to West: Cebu to Balamban Roadtrip Using Honda Zoomer X

This will be another motorcycle diary. I just bought my Honda Zoomer X and I was looking for a way to do the break-in. I did the same thing with my Honda Beat before where I went from Cebu City to Alcoy which is 3 hours south from Cebu.

Honda Zoomer X

I chose Balamban since I have never been to this place. To the north, I reached as far as Bogo and to the south, I rode down to Alcoy’s Tingko Beach. So, this adventure brings in a different excitement not only for me but also for Redhead who is a also a first-timer in the place.  

Cebu Central Highway
Cebu Central Highway
I gas up to full tank for about 150 Pesos. The Zoomer X has 4.5 liters capacity. Near JY Square, there is a Shell station where I did fuel up. I used the Shell premium gasoline.

After everyting was set, it was time to start the journey. At 1:50PM with an odometer reading of 897, we embarked to Balamban through the Central Highway. There were lots of stop-overs. We couldn’t help but stop and just take pictures of beautiful sceneries while on the way.

Healthy Harvest

We reached the boundary of Cebu and Balamban at around 3PM. We were officially in Balamban and continued the joyride to Balamban proper where we stopped and rested in Gaisano. We got there around 3:50 with an odometer reading of 944. With a 47-kilometer motorcycle ride, we were surely exhausted but nevertheless we had so much fun. We grabbed food in Karne Grill, talked to some friendly locals and stayed there for an hour.

Cebu Balamban boundary
One noteworthy thing we noticed is that there were a lot of adventure parks in Balamban area such as West 35, Canso X, Kool Adventure and Adventure Cafe among others. We added these to our bucket list and will definitely visit them soon.

Gaisano Balamban

At 4:45PM, after regaining strength, we headed back home. This time, less stop overs and with a speedometer reading between 60-80 kilometers per hour. We arrived in JY Square at exactly 6:06 and 991 odo reading.

Suprisingly, from full tank, my fuel reading points to half in the fuel gauge panel. With that trip of almost 100kms, I must say the Zoomer X is fuel-efficient. I think I can credit it to the 110CC engine and to the Fuel Injection system.

Rest near Ayala Heights

We enjoyed the whole time we travelled. And to borrow the terms from Redhead: “Roughly six hour amazing motor ride---leaving the hurly-burly city life for a moment and just delighting in the fairly cold wind blowing behind us, eyeing on the beautiful scenery especially the picturesque mountains. I felt I was transferred from the screaming world to a place of unearthly tranquility, not because it's my first time but because nature has just its own supernatural way of making things new, if you know what I mean.  *Feeling content and happy*


  1. Wow! Cool ride! enjoyed the photos and your blog ;)

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them. You have a cool blog as well.


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