Beat the Heat in Mt. Uragay Cold Spring Resort

This unusually hot summer prompted us to seek for a cold place to relax. We need to beat the heat in order to stay sane. We found a place somewhere in the quiet Carmen Cebu. Carmen is about an hour ride north if you are from Cebu City. The place is called Mt. Uragay Cold Spring. It did not fail to refresh us.

Fishes in Mt Uragay Cold Spring Resort
Healthy fishes in the resort pond

I tagged along Redhead, my brother and cousin who is fresh from Iligan in this adventure. We live in Liloan so we reached Carmen in about 20-30 minutes. Plus, we used our own motorcycles in this ride hence shortening the travel time.

The road to the spring resort is near Carmen’s public market so it was not hard to find and locals there were helpful when we asked around. From the highway, it took us 3 kilometers to finally reach the spot. We got there very early so the resort was empty. But in the afternoon, the place was full and some people were even in the wait-list outside.

The road heading to the resort
Mt. Uragay Cold Spring is not that big of a place. It only has 2 swimming pools, one for adults and one for children. The staff are friendly and accommodating. Several staff kept on cleaning the area for a time interval. So the place was clean. It has around 15 cottages and 3 rooms for overnight stay. Two lifeguards were assigned to watch. They have a store that sells chicherias and drinks only so bringing your lunch is a must. There is one big pond where you can go fish feeding.

The one on the foreground is the kiddies pool

The pool for adults

Mt Uragay Cold Spring Resort Adult Pool

Overall, we were refreshed by the cold spring. Needless so say, we enjoyed each other’s company and had a great time all along.

Welcome banner and Resort Rates:

Mt Uragay Cold Spring Resort Rates

I took some shots while on the way to the resort and back home:

Carmen Public Market

Have you been to this place? Voice out your reviews and experience below.


  1. Nice photos! Though I feel more enthusiastic seeing the churches and natural ponds (I'm not sure if it's man-made or not) and the beach view around Carmen. But would try to visit the resort on a hot summer day while in Cebu :)

    1. yup. The resort could use a bit of a creative touch especially with their cottages. But, you would surely enjoy the cold spring. :)

  2. Good article, just popped over from naturestimline, having seen your link on LinkdIn.

    Best Wishes

    Tony Powell


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