Affordable Vacation at Samal Island Camp Park

Because of Redhead's work opportunity in Davao, I was able to go with her and visit the place for the second time. The last time I was there was because of a colleague's wedding where we also enjoyed trekking Eden Park and feeding crocodiles. We stayed at one of her best friends, Lorelee, who also happens to be an adventure seeker. Before we set foot in Davao, Lorelee already had some places in mind for us to visit. One of the said places is the Samal Island Camp Park and Beach Resort.

Samal Island Camp Park
Samal Island Camp Park

They say you can't completely enjoy your stay in Davao without visiting Samal Island. This is certainly true! Beautiful powdery beaches are found in the place. Samal is only a 15-minute ferry boat ride from Davao which is really convenient. Samal Island express bus provide easy transportation from Samal to Davao and vice versa.

How We Got to Samal Camp Park
We caught a bus from Davao's Magsaysay Park  and went all the way to Warehouse in Samal. This is about a 45-minute ride including crossing Samal through a ferry boat. Then from Warehouse, we took another bus ride to Kaputian which took us about 30 minutes and finally rode habal habal from Kaputian to the beach resort. It took us 20 habal habal minutes to get there.

Their tents are nicely branded

Tent village

You can buy food and other good stuff in their little convenience store
Samal Camp Park has a unique way of letting its visitors enjoy their stay. As the name suggests, you need to rent a tent to be admitted to the place. They also have little Nipa huts in case of rain. The sand is white and powdery. They do not have electricity so you get to have a real camping experience. They offer a lot of amenities in the place. You can play volleyball, billiard and they also have a dirty kitchen to prepare your food. You can also rent their bangka to see the beauty of the sea.

People there are hospitable and friendly

The place was already booked when we got there. A group of young people rented all the tents after their educational tour in Samal. Too bad for us we did not call and reserve a place. After an almost 2-hour ride we came to the beach only to find out that it was full. My excitement meter went down to negative. There were no tents left for us. Surprisingly, the staff knew Lorelee. Apparently, our friend has been bringing a lot of people to this place she was being eyed upon by them every time. Because of this, the staff cheerfully lend us their tent. This tent was the biggest and supposed to be used by the staff at night. They sacrificed their comfort just to make the customers happy. What a way to give service with an extra mile! Hats off to this kind of people.

Large field for volleyball and other group sports

Little nipa huts in case of rain

Dirty kitchen

Anyway, we pitched the tent and enjoyed the rest of the day. We had someone cooked our food for a fee. Had our dinner then enjoyed  recalling memorable parts of college years and called it a night. The next day, we roamed around the area which is surprisingly wide, we took lots of pictures and swam like it was the last. At 10 AM, habal habal drivers were waiting and off we went home happy and gay! :) We were literally happy campers!

With the manager of the resort, Kuya Andy
From Davao to Samal Warehouse and VV - 35 per person
Samal Warehouse to Kaputian and VV - 40 per person
Habal habal from Kaputian to Samal Camp Park - 60 per person
Entrance - 200 per person for overnight
Tent - should have a fee of I think 75 but we got it for free

Contact Number: 09277781741


  1. Thank you so much for the information!
    This is very helpful. :)

    1. You're welcome Sir! :) Enjoy the vacation.

  2. Hi I just want to ask if existing pa ito?

  3. Hi I just want to ask if this samal camp park is still existing?

  4. Hi Fay. I think they are still operating. Please contact the phone number found in the post. Thanks. :)


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