7 Exciting Things To Do in Davao

“Life is Here” – This was what greeted us when we touched down the airport of Davao. The greeting did not fail us. We met a lot of people, created memories and bonded with Dabawenyos.  Life was truly in Davao.

Flying to Davao from Cebu

This metropolitan is known as a source of the smelly but yummy fruit Durian and is as famous as its incumbent, fierce but good mayor, Rodrigo Duterte.  One can surely enjoy Davao in so many ways. Among them are as follows:

1. Feed crocodiles and other exotic animals
The place is located in Brgy Ma-a and is called Davao Crocodile Park. You will get to see crocs big and small. Not only that, exotic birds and rare find snakes are there to amuse you. The largest croc is called “Pangil” and was once a record-holder as the largest in the Philippines until Lolong came out. You can check out my detailed post last year.

Pangil - the largest in the Park

Sidenote: If you are looking for dog shows or dog training, still in Brgy Ma-a, you can go to Davao Dog School. They showcase agility, obedience, and basic dog training.

Owner of Davao Dog School - Dominic Dela Cruz

2. Trek the Eden Nature Park
If you want to trek and enjoy the nature, this place is a must. You can go adventurous and roam around this huge land. Of course, you need to bring a map with you. I have been here a year ago and you can read my detailed post and how we got lost even with a map.

Photo taken from : http://edennaturepark.com.ph/

3. Go on top in Jack’s Ridge
If you want to take dinner while on top of a mountain, you need to check out this place. There are a lot of restaurants in the area that offer an overlooking view of Davao City, a plus on your romantic side.

Photo taken from: http://www.jacksridgedavao.com/

4. Tan your skin in Samal Island
You can’t leave Davao without paying a visit to Samal, which is a 15-minute ferry boat ride from Davao port. Samal is like Bantayan in Cebu. A place full of beaches and water sports. In our case, we went to Samal Camp Park, a unique beach that only offers tents as their cotttages.

Samal Island Camp Park Beach Resort

Samal Camp Park Beach Resort

5. Relax in Mall Centres
NCCC, SM Ecoland, SM Lanang, and Abreeza are the biggest malls in Davao. So if you want to go shopping, sip a coffee, or watch movies,  these are the best places to go to.

Abreeza Mall - Davao - Photo from: http://ayala360.net/

6. Enjoy the low-crime rating
The people in Davao are disciplined. You do not fear texting or using cellphones in public. Rarely you can find snatchers in the place but of course it is still important to take caution.

7. Relish the food
Seems like everybody knows Lola Abon’s Durian shop. Good spot to buy durian candy pasalubong in different flavors. Take note, their durian ice cream is hooking, so hard to say no to it!

Lola Abon's Pasalubong Center
Lola Abon's

Redhead and Lorelee tasting the Durian Ice Cream

Lyndon’s Resto, which is near Ateneo and Marco Polo serves the best grill in town. They also have a unique way in advertising, i.e., The Worst Baby Back Ribs yet their baby back ribs is perfect 10, and the price is reasonable. Just so right for lunch appetizer!

Lyndon's Ribs and Chicken
Lyndon's Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken - I just love the line. :)

Tiny Kitchen’s seafood is unmistakably  savory and enjoyable. Inspired by a Spanish dish, you can’t stop but want some more. No wonder the place is always full and people are willing to wait in line just to have an oomph. Must try indeed!!!

Tiny Kitchen - Photo from: http://avagabondmom.blogspot.com/
You can have your own flavor and style of halo-halo at Aling Foping’s. Certainly, it will sweep off your feet and make you go smile big after a hard day’s work. Stationed in Matina Town Square, made accessible just for you.

Aling Foping's Halo Halo

Obviously,  there are cool things we have missed doing while in Davao but the things above can bring you equal satisfaction and enjoyment. If given the chance to be back there, I will climb Mt Apo, which is still in my bucketlist.


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