5 Reasons to Love El Salvador Beach Resort

Redhead and I found a paradise up north of Cebu. It was one good place to get rid of stress and get away from the world. We enjoyed, relaxed and smiled the whole time we were there. This paradise is called  the El Salvador beach resort situated in Danao.  We have come up with 5 top reasons for you to visit this relaxing place. 

Sunset at El Salvador Beach Resort, Danao
Sunset at El Salvador Beach Resort, Danao

1. Heavenly and Romantic Place

El Salvador Beach Resort Sofa
At the entrance, you can relax after a long ride

Clean El Salvador Beach Resort
Clean surroundings and lots of greens

Nice for couples and family get together. The restaurant is situated near the shore which makes it even more romantic. The place is full of trees which adds freshness to the air.

2. Affordable rooms and food

Rooms for larger groups

They have rooms everywhere

El Salvador Beach Resort Restaurant
Clean restaurant with a native look

There was a noticeable number of foreigners in the resort. Considering this place has a class, the room rates and food are affordable. Room rate ranges from 1880 to 2880 per night.  They have delicious food that adds value to your stay. 

3. Recreations 

El Salvador Beach Resort kayak
We enjoyed kayaking even if it was sunny

Another fun ride to enjoy the beach

Kayak and banana boat and other fun rides are available to enjoy the beach more. Though indoor, they also have spa and gym services which you can avail for extra costs.

4. Swimming Pools

El Salvador Beach Resort swimming pool
A swimming pool for kids

Jacuzzi to keep you warm

Kids and adults alike can enjoy their swimming pools. They have them for all sizes. You can beat the cold in the night by staying in their Jacuzzi. 

5. Friendly Staff

One of their friendly signs to remind you not only to enjoy but protect Mother nature

They can get you what you want wherever you are. They are everywhere in the resort. You can see them smiling the moment you approach them. You can tell how they value Mother earth through the sign above. :)

Pay a visit to El Salvador beach resort and experience this wonderful place. Their contact number is 032 200 3622.

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