Portofino Beach Resort: Great for Family Getaways

September is my birth month. I celebrated my birthday simply together with friends and family. We went to the famous Portofino beach resort in Mactan Cebu and spent great time.

Portofino Beach Resort Mactan Cebu
The beachfront - Portofino beach resort
I have been to the resort quite a couple of times already and there was never been a time that it was not crowded. It boasts many amenities and adventures not to mention the fine white sands it has. 

Portofino Beach Resort Water Park
Portofino Beach Resort Water Park - 150 Pesos per hour/Person
Parasailing in Portofino beach resort
Parasailing in Portofino beach resort - 2 500 Per 2 Persons / 15 minutes
Portofino beach resort white sands
The resort's white sands and big cottages
The resort also offers lodging for those who want to stay overnight. They have big rooms to accommodate to as much as 15 people. If you want a cold bath, a swimming pool can also be used in the daytime. 

Portofino beach resort canteen - In case you forget to buy something outside
In case of any emergencies - Portofino Clinic
We really had a good one here and  definitely coming back to gather more memories.

The rates
Other amenities include:
  • Zip line - 50 per person
  • Banana Boat - 1500 per 30 minutes
  • Jet Ski - 1500 per 30 minutes
  • Aquanaut - 999 per person
Not so sure about the rates of the 4 amenities above. I only asked the people around about them. To be sure, you can contact them at: +63 32 495 7768.



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