Climb is Sweeter the Second Time Around: Osmena Peak + Obong Spring

Osmena Peak is the highest mountain in Cebu. I had my chance to climb the peak for the second time. The first climb was as memorable as the second but the latter was sweeter. And it was for two reasons, the redhead came along and it was my first time to be a trek guide.

Osmena Peak

Month Anniversary
Or commonly known as 'monthsary'. The day of our climb is the exact date of our monthsary. It was really my dream to spend this special event on a mountain and I'm very glad it came true. The good thing about the Redhead and I is that we share almost the same interests, one of which is going outdoors. So, tagging her along in this climb was easy.

Leandro Padilla and Kathy Lacano
With the redhead at the summit

First Timer
A stranger-turned-friend contacted me through Facebook and was asking if I could be her trek guide for Osmena Peak. Apparently, she found me through this very blog. It was actually my first time to receive a request like that so I excitedly said yes. This friend works abroad and was just looking to spend meaningful time here in the Philippines with her vacation. We definitely had a good time.

The redhead and Anne, our new friend

Going Up
The trail was fairly easy and the peak can be reached in 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the pace of your trek and depending on your jump off point. In our case, the drop off point was near the foot of the peak. Thus, we reached the summit in just about 30 minutes.

Going up to the summit

The Peak
We literally touched the clouds in the summit. Nature only gave us 1 hour to take pictures at the top before it covered the whole area with clouds. Even though the sun is shining so bright, we barely feel the heat because of the coolness of the surroundings and the presence of the clouds.

Cloudy Osmena Peak
Cloudy Osmena Peak

The Cold Spring
Thanks to a friend's recommendation we found a place to cool down from the mountain. The Obong Spring is about 3 kilometers from Dalaguete proper. From the foot of the mountain, we had habal habal ride straight to Obong, which is a barangay in the municipality.

The cold Obong Spring
The cold Obong Spring

We followed below itinerary for this climb. This is good for a day hike.

6 30 - 9 30 - Bus ride from South Bus terminal to Dalaguete
9 30 - 10    - Habal2 Ride from Dalaguete to the foot of the mountain
10 - 10 30  - Trek to Summit
10 30 - 12  - Picture taking and lunch at the summit
12 - 1         - Habal2 ride from foot of the mountain to Obong Spring
1 - 2 30      - Cool down in Obong Spring
2 30 - 5 30 - Bus ride from Obong to South Bus Terminal

Osmena Peak like the chocolate hills in Bohol
Osmena Peak like the chocolate hills in Bohol
The Cost
Bus Ride from Cebu to Dalaguete - 105
Habal habal to mountain - 100
Habal habal to Obong - 150
Entrance Fee in Obong Spring - 5
Table Rental Fee in Spring - 100
Bus Ride from Dalaguete to Cebu - 105

The Bonus
To top it all off, we finished the day with a good meal in Zubuchon. Nothing can really beat a good taste of lechon.


  1. Can't wait to climb Osmena as well. Hopefully we get to do it on our next visit in September! And oh, spending a monthsary atop a mountain peak is also my kind of date!

  2. Thanks for dropping by @pinayTravelJunkie! God bless in your Osmena climb. :) It surely is a great date idea.

  3. A bunch of friends and I are supposed to go there last August 17, overnight. But decided not due to bad weather. We could have met there, since I am assuming you went there on the same date.

    It's a great deal of regret that we called of the trekking!

    Nice shots and now we know how to go there (next time).

    1. Hi JR,

      We climbed on August 14. :)

      Planning for an overnight stay would really give you the best of the Osmena.

      Good luck!

  4. Hey Rene,

    Is it okay to climb alone? As much as i want to climb with friends or other climbers, but I couldnt just find the people to be with when I'm free to climb. Im planning to do a day hike alone. what do you think?


    1. Hi Victoria,

      Yes, it's ok to climb alone as the trail is easy and the peak can be reached for just a couple of minutes. Although, extreme caution is highly advised. :)

    2. Extreme caution on what? :)

    3. In all kinds of danger your solo climb might bring like weather. When it is too hot, you cannot find a shelter at the top (no tall trees). When it rains, the trail may be too muddy. You can never tell. No one will look after you in this kind of climb. :)

  5. that was fast lean you already blog our trip, its really nice meeting you guys, and i really enjoyed our trip even if i was a third wheel hehe but thanks to redhead never felt left out, you two were so accommodating,, i hope our sagada plan will push through,, extend my regards to your pangga!!

  6. He he. Hi anne nice to see u here. You too were a great companion. Can't wait for Sagada! C:

  7. salamat sa info ilalagay ko sa listahan ko to ang bundok na to

  8. You're welcome bro. Approved talaga tong bundok nato..


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