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Unexpected Stay in Estaca Bay Gardens Conference Resort

Redhead and I got invited by friends to enjoy time in a beach. The plan was to go to Coco Palms Beach Resort in Danao for an overnight stay but due to unexpected circumstance, we ended up in Estaca Bay Gardens Conference Resort located in the Municipality of Compostela, Cebu. Such a long name for a beach! It was a great night stay with friends.

Ingenious lamp in their hallway

The resort is formerly known as Stakili Beach Resort. I have been to the place 3 times already but never got the chance to stay overnight. The beach is good for a quick family getaway in the day. But I never expected it to be more lively in the night. Even at 12 in the midnight people were still coming in the resort.

Still a lot of people even when its midnight
All throughout the night, there was the deafening disco sounds. We could barely hear ourselves when we talked. Some people, those drunk I guess, really danced wildly as if it was there last. Surprisingly, none of us felt the need to boogie. I'll have to give merit to the age this time I guess.

Redhead and Mani in the resort lobby

The reception area
The place was nice and expanding, at least from my last visit. There were a lot of rooms to rent for. We planned to have a dip in their swimming pools but they were closed at 10PM. We had so much fun talking we forgot about the time limit for the pool. Nevertheless, we had a quick dip in its somewhat muddy beach. 

The resort rooms

From small cottages to big conference halls, they can surely accommodate anyone. Videoke stalls are all around to cater those rising concert stars. The room we rented was clean and had Cable TV in it. The aircon was well functioning too.

Thanks to Loserboys and  husband-and-wife-to-be Dan and Mani for the invitation and the moments.
Group pic din pag may time. :)

Thanks Mani for taking this pic

Lechon Baboy and Manok (grilled pork and chicken) were waiting for us to be devoured the next morning for brunch!

Lechon Baboy we bought Liloan Proper

Yummy lechon manok

Resort Details:
Room: P1400 for overnight stay
No food corkage
Entrance: P75 each
Contact Number: 425 8062 / 266 3990

The resort signage can easily be seen along the highway.

Credits to Mani for some of the photos.

More photos:


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