Enjoy Catmon's Esoy Hot Spring in 5 Amazing Ways

Brgy Duyan in Catmon Cebu boasts a refreshing hot spring. It is called Esoy Hot Spring named after "Esoy", a kagawad in Catmon. The spring is hot coming from the volcanic waters underground. The surrounding is well-preserved even though the resort is undergoing an expansion.

I went there together with family and the redhead. I got this name for her from one of the people I look up to, Zig Ziglar. I just like how he uses this term in his books to refer to his wife.

Esoy Hot Spring's Main Pool
Esoy Hot Spring's Main Pool
We were welcomed by chirping birds and roars of the young river when we got there. Aside from dipping in the warm water, the resort offers other adventurous activities for more recreational fun.

Hanging Bridge Crossing

Before you can do any of the other activities, you must first pass the one-man-only-after-another hanging bridge. That was the first challenge and that was the only way to other recreations. The funny thing about it was that they only fixed it when we decided to trek the river. It was hanging loosely before that.

The redhead crossing the bridge. She was shouting the whole time.
River Trekking

After passing through the bridge, we trekked the river for some 200 meters away. It was not just some normal trek for there were big boulders along the way.

Our trek guide, Geeboy, watching out the redhead as she climbs up

Waterfall Adventure

At the end of our trek lies the waterfalls the guide and all other resort staff were boasting about. According to them, even though the height is only 15 ft, the depth of the water is 145 ft. We were challenged to swim across the falls and feel the soothing massage caused by it. We did and we felt.

Waterfalls at the end of our trek

Not sure if I call it that term but I think it qualifies. There were little caves under the resort. In those caves where we able to feel the warmest of water in the resort.

My cousin in the cave

Now it would be ironic not to go swimming when you are in a resort full of swimming pools, wouldn't it? We spent most of our time feeling refreshed in the warm pools after doing all the other activities.

Brother enjoying the warm pool
Overall, we had a great time in Esoy Hot spring.

How to get there:
Take a bus going north in North bus terminal then stop in Brgy Duyan in Catmon. There are habal2 waiting there for trip to Esoy Hot Spring. The spring is 5km away from the highway. I am not sure with the current fare but I think the bus is P50 and habal2 is 50 also. Not really sure because I brought my own motorcycle when we went there.

Resort Details:

Entrance : P100
Cottage: P500
Life Vest: P50 - Needed when you go trekking

The resort does not cater any food (meal) as of the moment but you can buy drinks and snacks from their little store. They have no corkage for food and RESERVATION IS A MUST when you go there.

Contact Numbers: 4309250/09218133296/09165227670

More photos here.

A short video I took in the resort.


  1. Great Photos and article! How I wish I was in the Philippines now...

    1. Hi Tom, thanks for dropping by! You should come here and explore the 7, 107 islands! You will be amazed. :)

  2. kuya yong one hundred kasama na po ba jan ang water falls adventure swimming at hot spring?

  3. kong hindi po magkano po each adventure?

  4. We've been here, too: check this: claricesays.blogspot.com/2013/03/hot-spring-and-waterfall.html?m=1

  5. Hi Clarice! Thanks for dropping by. :) Nice pictures.

  6. Thanks for sharing this...should've seen this post earlier. It would've been a nice way to spend this long weekend. But come to think of it, next weekend is longer! Hmmm...

  7. nice place...im thinking of spennding the xmas weekeend there... =)

    1. That's a great idea! :) don't forget to reserve early as it is a peak season.

  8. yeah..nice of you to have the phone # posted.thanks!and about the cottage,is it good for an overnight?or just an open cottage?

    1. Np! Did not see any closed cottages there good for overnight..just try calling them and verify. Enjoy! ':)


  10. where planning to go there this Summer 2014 . Tnx for the pix and info.

  11. how many pools are there all in all?

  12. How many pools are there aside from the big pool?


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