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Superb Camiguin Island Experience

We went to Camiguin Island for our first family vacation of the year. It was one superb and memorable of its kind.

These umbrellas made the Camiguin white island colorful
We contracted a travel package with Teddy Pabualan of Pabualan cottages. They specialize in island tours and lodging. (More about his services at the end of the post.)

We were scheduled for 2 days and 1 night tour and lodging. My brother and I came from Cebu and the rest of the family came from Iligan. All of us arrived in Camiguin at around 11AM. (More transport info at the end of the post.)

At the port, we were greeted by the driver of our transportation services (Roland) with this sign:

The moment we arrived at Camiguin, we went to our cottage just to leave our things there and immediately started the tour.

We visited the following places:

Sto. Nino Cold Spring

A very cold nature spring located in the municipality of Catarman. It was fully booked when we got there for a very obvious reason, the summer heat. When we plunged in, all the heat in the world was gone.

Nicely designed signage
We cannot even feel the heat of the sun
Not only the people enjoyed the cold spring, there were these:

Time for some cold car wash
No wonder the buko juice we ordered was cold
We stayed for about 3 hours here then went to the next stop.

Bura Soda Swimming Pool
Unlike the Sto Nino Cold Spring, this place had less people and less cold but it is still a very good place to relax.

Bura Soda Water Swimming Pool
Old Church Ruins
This particular church got destroyed during the Mt. Volcan eruption in 1871. Its ruins became tourist spot.
Mom and little sis
The main hall - it was pretty large
A large tree beside the church
Sunken Cemetery
The famous sunken cemetery share the same fate with the ruined church above. The cemetery was buried with the lava flowing from Mt. Volcan. The locals put up a large cross to represent the sunken cemetery.
The large cross
Dad and sis trying to hold the cross :)
Walkway to the old Volcano
This famous walkway was also where the stations of the cross are found during lent season.
Complete family picture

Katibawasan Falls
With a stunning height of 75 meters of free falling water, the Katibawasn falls was really a beauty. People can swim and enjoy the cold water from the falls.

The falls up close cannot even fit to my camera frame. :)

Ardent Hot Spring
Ardent Hot Spring was the last spot we had during day 1. This was where we spent almost 2 hours bathing in the warm spring.
There were more people at night
Had our dinner in this restaurant in Ardent
At around 8 PM, we went to the cottage and continued our bonding there.

White Island
The next day around 6AM, we got up and went to the white island. A lot of tourists were there too. I love taking silhouettes so here they are:

Thanks to Papa for this pic. Nicely captured

Boats for hire waiting for customers

This was where I spent almost all my time taking photos and swimming. :) At around 9 30AM, we went back to the cottage. We spent some time to rest then packed our things up for our way home.

It was indeed great and superb Camiguin Island experience.

How to get to Camiguin:
From Cebu, take super shuttle ferry in Pier8. Fare is 880 for economy and 1000 for tourist. The boat leaves on Friday 8PM from Cebu and arrives on Saturday at 8AM in Balbagon port. 

From Camiguin to Cebu, shuttle leaves on Sunday 8PM and arrives on Monday 8AM.

If you are in Mindanao, or in my family's case in Iligan, take a bus to Cagayan de Oro then to Balingoan, then take a fast craft to Camiguin. It will go to the Benoni Port.

Pabualan Tour Package:
Thanks to Mr. Teddy Pabualan and Roland for being hospitable. We got the 2 days 1 night lodging and tours. There were 10 of us including 2 kids. We got a family room worth 2k and transport package worth 4300.  We took care of our food. For all entrance fees to the spots we visited, they were taken cared of by the Mr. Teddy. This is including the boat to the white island. 

Drop off/Pickup point are at the ports of Benoni and Balbagon in our case.

Brother sits outside the room we rented

The multicab for our tansport


  1. Commercialized na na kaayo ang mga tourist spots bah.. last time nako adto camiguin mingaw pa kaayo..

    1. Lagi grabe na kaau. Pero nindot imong website dah. Daghan kaaug topics. haha.

  2. Nice blog pare! More power!

    The Backpack Adventures

  3. Really nice destination, nice post and nice shots. Kee up the nice posts coming, Rene.

    By the way, nice new theme as well. Approve.

    1. Thanks for appreciating my posts, shots and theme JR! :)

  4. hi sir leandro,

    WOW..... ang ganda ng mga picture mo sir ah.. ano po ba yung camera na gamit nyo sir? pang HD yata.

    Maraming salamat po sir sa lahat =), thanks po sa pag blog din ng services namin sir, hindi ko po kayo makakalimutan sir leandro.

    hoping to see you around someday here in camiguin island.


    camiguin tour organizer/driver

    1. Hi Sir Teddy,

      Great to see you here. Salamat sa pagappreciate sa pictures. Point and Shoot camera yan sir. :) Hope makabalik kami sa camiguin. Thanks again sa services nu sir. :)

  5. Bakit po may pictures dito galing sa The Backpack Adventures?
    Just wondering lang po. Reader po kasi ako ng blog na yun.

    Thank you po.


    1. Hi Andre,

      Which pictures are you referring to? All pictures you can see above were taken personally by me.

      Can you please give me the link of his post? By the way, if you notice, Neil of The Backpack Adventures replied to this blog above.



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