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4 Reasons Why We Were Not Able to Reach The Summit of Mt. Manunggal in Balamban Cebu

In life, you cannot have everything you want. In mountaineering, you cannot reach the summit at all times. Several factors conclude the epilogue of your journey. This is what we have learned when we tried to climb Cebu's second highest mountain, the Mount Manunggal in Balamban. We initially planned to traverse through Mount Mauyog which is adjacent to our main point of destination.

Near the foot of Mt. Mauyog - More photos here

Truthfully, I hate to write about our failure but I thought maybe a I could lend a good hand to those who are planning to climb the peak and ensuring to conquer it. Below, I listed 4 major problems that led to this failed attempt.

Too Much Negotiation for Fare
To reach our planned jump-off point, which is Brgy Tagbao, we need to hire habal-habal from JY square. It took us an awful lot of time negotiating with the drivers. Initially, they were asking for 500 Pesos for each motorcycle. There were 10 of us. From what we have heard, the normal rate is at 120 Pesos for each person which makes 240 for each motorcycle. There was such huge difference.

When we climb, budget is always a priority. Our low ballers' mind got activated and made us as hard as stone to give in to their offer. After several attempts to keep the fare as low as possible, we met to an agreement, 125 Pesos each person. It sounded fair and then off we went.

We rested after a 20-minute nonstop ride. Near Ayala heights in Kan-Irag

Too Much Rest
Resting in climbing is a must. But too much resting is not advisable. For one psychological reason, your body might get used to resting too much making you lazy to get up and move up ahead. Or worse, letting you fall asleep!

We had several long stops on our way up. One stop was even an hour of rest. This was when we even did not reach the foot of the mountain yet.

1-hour rest here. We drank buko juice, told stories, enjoyed the moment as if we're in the summit.

Lack of Physical Training
When you go climbing, it is a necessity to keep your body in shape at least 1 month before the scheduled trek. The group usually plays basketball and jogs in the afternoons before we go climbing. That is our routine until we stopped about 2 months before this climb. For some aggressive reason, we still pushed this climb without even thinking of physical capabilities. This led to decreased stamina and early stress causing us to find more rest.

Lack of Anticipation
We originally aimed for a day trek. Considering we planned on climbing two mountains, it was best if we anticipated for a possible two-day trek. We were not able to bring tents and other sources to keep us alive for 2 days in the mountains. Hence, when it was already night time and we were not yet stepping on the foot of the mountain, there came the majority decision to retreat and go home. 

Now, just because we were not able to reach the summit does not mean we did not enjoy our trek. The spirit of camaraderie was even more distinct this time. We enjoyed the moment, captured beautiful scenery, and most importantly, connected with nature.

Sunset in the Balamban mountains. More photos HERE.
This will not stop here. We are still planning for an "I shall return" moment to these mountains. 


  1. no. 5: There is this couple who was delayed from the 7am Scheduled time. :D sorry guys!

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  3. I couldn't agree more! We shall return DEFINITELY! I want to experience overnight stay in the mountains. That would be nice, watchathink? :P

    @Joie, apology accepted! Bwahahaha! :)

  4. nice set of pictures Leandro! especially and first and last... cheers to more katkat sa bukid and travels!

    1. Kathleen, nice to see you here. I read your blog. Nice out-of-the-country post.:)

  5. don't worry the mountain is always there...

  6. well nakakainggit talaga ang mga mountaineers. Sana kaya ko din umakyat ng di madaling hingalin. :D

    1. Hi Sir, kaya yan basta may exercise lang hehe. Anyway, ayos ng website mo! :)

  7. Sana ilabas na nila tu pra mkabili na sana reasonable ang price considering fi na:


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