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Summer in Malapascua Island Cebu

Malapascua Island in Cebu is one of the best diving and vacation spots in the Philippines. Both locals and foreigners fill in to what is known as the home of the thresher sharks every year.

I had a chance to go there together with friends. We spent 2 days in the island. We had an island hopping in the islets surrounding the main island. We enjoyed and had a good time. IT was really a paradise.

I originally wanted to make this post a photo-centric one. But to help others, I added some information about how to get there and a few contact numbers to some resorts in the beachfront. Please see the end of this post.
The island greeted us with summer aura

The clear waters of Maya

Joie Arevalo posing as he took our picture

Variety of drinks located in the bay area

A cleverly-designed beach restaurant

One of the most famous restaurants in Malapascua, the Bounty Beach Combers

A newly built sea-side lodge

Katherine Lacano in silhouette 

The bangka we rode from Maya

A fisherman in the deep

Multiple bangkas waiting for tourists

The mean girls

The loserboys - thanks to Kathy for the pic

Serene afternoon in Malapascua

Bangka helper waiting as we went the island from Maya

Another restaurant in the beachfront

These flags add color to the beauty of the beach

They offer diving services

Long shoreline

Just some bangka

The sun bid goodbye
Restaurants / Resorts:
  • Blue Corals Beach Resort - +63 917 627 2941
  • Hippocampus Beach and Dive Resort - +63 915 400 1005
  • Tepanee -  +63 917 302 2495
  • Blue Water - Dive Resort - +63 918-919-9128, +63 918-928-9510
  • Bantigue Cove - (63) 927-625-9826
  • Slams Garden Diving Beach Resort - 09155068630
  • Dano Beach Resort - (63) 926 117-9440
  • Ocean Vida Beach and Dive Resort - 0063(0)9173038064
How to get to Malapascua Island:
From Cebu City go to Cebu North Terminal then ride in a bus that will go to Maya. It is about a three-hour ride. Then from Maya, ride in a bangka going to Malapascua.


  1. gawd i miss malapascua and its sunsets!

    1. The island can really make good memories.

  2. Rene, thanks much for this post! Big help for us! Hehe! :)

    1. Loree, you're welcome! :)

      Malapascua jud d i mo? heheh..

  3. Hello would like to ask til what time po yung boat going back to maya from malapascua

    1. Hi Fips, not sure till what time yung last trip pero from our experience, around 10 am kami from Malapascua and konti nalang yung bus to Cebu. I think 3 PM yung last boat.


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