Night Trek to Sirao Peak in Kan-Irag Cebu

We had another chance to go back to Sirao Peak in Kan-Irag Cebu. Before this, we did a day trek to the mountain. This time, we trekked in the night.

Sunrise at Sirao Peak
We started at around 8PM going to Budlaan from Talamban.

The group at Budlaan

All smiles and excited

It took us  4 hours to climb the peak. We got to the summit around 12MN.

Right after we embarked from Budlaan
Clear trail

Descending carefully

A few steep trail

We reached the summit at 12MN
We pitched our tents, had some snacks and meals. Then called it a night. In the morning, we enjoyed the beautiful city view, the fresh air and the sunrise.

A beautiful silhouette

The peak

Sunrise shot
At 8 in the morning, we descended and went to the man-made lake in Kan-Irag.
Going down from the summit

Posing like pros

That is one lonely tree

Mark with his signature item, umbrella

Off towards the lake
A tree we passed by before the lake

We reached the lake at around 12 NN. Kinda late because we stopped by a store to buy some refreshments.

Dutch trying to capture the beautiful lake

Some close-up shot
We had our lunch near the lake at around 12 NN. After that we went straight to Kabang river and then trailed back to Budlaan. Unfortunately, I do not have shots for the river and the falls because the camera battery went dead. :)

We got to the Sunny Hills Talamban at 5PM. Enjoyed dinner and went home.

Yours truly enjoying the trek (Thanks to Mark for this pic)


  1. Dude, that picture of the tent against the dawn is stunning. (Someone has discovered the beauty of photography)

  2. Thanks Dude, I finally spotted my Leopard. haha

  3. dili ba dangerous inig trek sa mountain???

    1. Dili raman kaau heheh..basta naa lang tarong na guide.. :)

    2. pwede asked number sa inyong guide sir rene? ugnumber.. ganahan ko moanha..

      thanks daan

    3. Hi Sir Koko amo guide ana kay kauban ra sa office. Dili lang nako hatag iya personal number. Contaka lang sia sa iya blog :)


  4. excited to do trekking. Thanks sa imong blog migo...nice au promise. :)

  5. Hello Sir,

    Nice adventure! I wonder if naa kay ma suggest na kid friendly trails around Cebu? I want to expose my toddler to the great outdoors as early as possible :)

  6. Hi,

    Thanks! Try didto sa Osmena peak. Sayun ra sakaon and it's everyone's playground. Layo lang nuun xa gamay.

  7. Hello sir! i've read your night trek to Sirao as well as the day trek and its awesome! Is the climb hard for us to get a guide or we can just do it on our own?

    1. Hi Badetskie!

      I suggest getting a guide. Medyo lisud tultulon ang summit.


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