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Climbing Osmena Peak Traverse to Kawasan Falls in Cebu

At 1,013 meters above sea level, we reached the summit of Osmena Peak in Dalaguete, Cebu. It is considered to be the highest in the island. We were welcomed by a beautiful sunset view created by the sun hiding from the slopes of the mountains of Negros.

Our entry point was at Dalaguete highway then rode habal-habal (motorcycle-for-hire) going to Mantalongon Public Market. The road to the market was well-constructed. We enjoyed the 15-minute ride and the beautiful scenery when we passed by cliffs and steep slopes.

Going to Mantalongon Public Market
It took us 1 and a half hours trekking from the market to the summit. The peak is very much known as a tourist spot so locals made a cement foot road for comfortable walking which comprised majority of the trek we did. We passed by 1 water source along the trail.

Trek to the summit
We couldn't help but appreciate the wonderful mountain view when we got to the peak. One special feature about Osmena is its chocolate-hills-like series of mountains. It was windy and very cold. We pitched our tents, took pictures, prepared food and called it a night. So windy that our tents were almost uprooted causing us problems with sleep and anxiety. :)

The group at the summit

Our wake up call was 5AM. We started to prepare food to break the fast and slowly fix our things up. That time, it was almost zero visibility because of the fog.  We embarked at around 6 30AM descending down and going to Kawasan Falls. We didn't even saw Mr. Sun rising up that time.

It was really foggy when we descended
#LoserBoys Katkat Group - From Left: James, John, Dan, Gen, Joie, Dutch, and Yours Truly 
When we were about to descend, a solo camper decided to join us to trek to Kawasan falls. He goes by the name of Rod and has been climbing mountains for more than 10 years.

The people's main source of living is farming. Because of the cold and good weather condition, they are able to plant and harvest healthy.

About 3 and a half hours of trekking down from Osmena Peak, we reached a water source. We took our time to rest and restore the energy. 

The only water source we passed by going to Kawasan

It took us a good 5 hours and 30 minutes to reach Kawasan falls from Osmena Peak with the help of our guides. Rod had his own. We met our guide (a kid) in Mantalongon. We paid P100 each for our guide.  Our guide also fetched water for us in the morning.

We had our lunch in Kawasan. We did not rent a cottage instead we just rested in an open area(which is fine with the resorts there), prepared food and still enjoyed the river. The cottages cost 200 for mountaineers instead of the normal price which is 300.

The river at Kawasan

Kawasan falls in Badian really lived up to our expectations. It was really majestic and greatly rejuvenated us. The 5 hour-trek became nothing when we plunge down the cold blue waters.

The majestic Kawasan Falls in Badian Cebu
We had a 3-hour bus ride going home (Cebu City) after this wonderful experience.

Some Lessons Learned
  • Never use things made in China. When you go trekking or camping, go all out. Buy the branded ones and be a happy camper. I did not. I bought a china-made led flashlight and thought it would be alright. Too bad, it never turned on during the night.
  • Choose the right shoes. I bought a locally-made shoes thinking it was really for trekking (as advertised). I ended up with a swollen foot and very unpleasant trekking experience. 
Special note about Kawasan

While we enjoyed submerging in the river of Kawasan, I can't help but notice the garbage in the water. They are mostly made of plastics and clothing. I hope we will be more responsible in preserving mother nature.

The Cost

Cebu City South Bus Terminal to Dalaguete - P100.person - Sunrays liner
Dalaguete to Mantalongon Market - P50/person - Habal Habal
Guide Fee - P100/person
Kawasan Entrance Fee - P10/person
Badian to Cebu City South Bus - P126/person

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.” 


  1. I'm always fascinated by backyard farming like the one that you saw.

  2. We just finished climbing Osmena's Peak last weekend, we planned to traverse but ended up hiring habal-habal to Kawasan. Great thing we did! :D

    1. Either way its still a good thing you went to Kawasan. Such a majestic waterfalls. Congrats!

  3. My experience --->

    1. Thanks for dropping by tobolita. :)

      Nice panoramic pic!

  4. We just had our own experience climbing the osmena peak and going to kawasan falls by foot.. It was one heck of an experience for me especially that it was my first camping trip and trekking with friends. :)

    1. Congrats! :) I'm guessing the road was slippery...:)

  5. hi i also want to go there but i dont have any companions,, can you suggest anyone who is also planning to go to osmena peak, ill be in cebu on aug 13 to 16,, looking forward

    1. Hi Anne,

      Thanks for dropping by. You can check out below link to a thread to see who's climbing the peak.

      I hope you can understand Cebuano. If not, please feel free to ask for assistance there. That's a fairly active thread.

      Hope this helps! :)

      If no one is going with your planned time, I will try to spare up some time to be your companion.

    2. i would definitely take your offer bro looking forward for our upcoming trip.

  6. Good day Sir! I'm wondering if may kakilala po kayo na pwede kong masabitan this weekend as Im planning to do a dayhike sa osmena peak then traverse to kawasan falls if kaya ng time. I also left a post sa link that you've provided and hopefully, something positive ang reply if ever meron man pong mapadaan sa thread na yun.

    1. Hi Mam, wala po akong kakilala na aakyat ngayong weekend. I have help you though sa thread. In-up ko. :)

  7. Can't wait to climb O-Peak! Expecting of something good to come out on our climb soon!!!! :D

    1. I'm as excited as you are. :) Jog daan! :)

    2. Oh you don't need to worry. I'm doing more than that actually, LOL. :D=^_^=

  8. Hi, where can we get a local guide. We will be climbing next week same route as you. Thanks.


    1. Hi Indranii, you can get a local guide in Mantalongon market. What day are you climbing? We have a scheduled climb this August 14.

  9. Mga guys, ask ko lang po kung what time best pumunta kung gusto namin maabutan yung sunset sa peak? Thanks in advance!

  10. is it possible to bring mountain bike at the summit? and traverse to kawasan?

    1. Hi Sir Reil,

      Hmmmm..The trail going to the summit then traversing to Kawasan is composed mostly of narrow foot paths. So, I think it will give you a very hard time bringing a mountain bike along. :)

  11. How did u get back to town from kawasan? how long was the trek back? how deepb is the water?thanks. plan to climb up there oct 3 or 4. anyone wants to come along?

    1. Hi Pinaytunay, thanks for dropping by!

      We did not trekked back to Osmena peak, instead we exited in Badian and rode a bus from there to Cebu city. There are different waterfalls (or levels if I may say) in Kawasan and the depth may range from 3 ft to maybe as deep as 20 ft.

      Be safe in your climb!

  12. wat if we would traverse to kawasan falls without a guide? would it be that dangerous?

    1. I would not suggest this. The trail may get tricky sometimes. There are lots of crosstrails.

  13. Hi guys,
    does anyone know if theres a trail to OsmeĊ„a peak that starts at Dalaguete town proper?. a trail that doesn't necessarily follow the main road to Matalongon market?. would love to do a longer, steeper, if possible, hike to peak.. one that takes 4 to 6 hours uphill..

  14. Hi Azian,

    Not sure with the others but I do not know any trail from Dalaguete proper. However, you can try to trek from Kawasan in Badian to Osmena. I think that is exciting too.

  15. Hi Sir,

    We'll be climbing O-peak this coming holiday, January 31, together with my brother & cousin. Would you know any climbers/hikers who will climb that day?.. we're still looking for a guide, but as you mentioned, we can get a guide in the market... what time should we start trekking in order for us to welcome the sunrise at the peak? thanks.. ana

    1. God bless in your trek! If you want to catch up with the sunrise, 2 am would be good if you are coming from Cebu city. Unta maayo na ang panahon ana..:)

  16. wow nice experience and pics... Just went there 2 weeks ago but so sad we did not stay overnight or traverse to Kawasan. I would really love to try it next time with the more adventurous peepz.
    Here's our experience:

  17. need help..just a discription of the trail traversing to kawasan,im climbing osmena on sat may 30..galing pko manila,hehe pls pm mhe 09277687225 paul

  18. Hi, ask ko lang po sana if it's possible to go to Kawasan Falls from Osmena Peak via habal-habal. I was hoping my sister and I could climb osmena early in the morning (earliest we could, hoping we could see the sunrise), and then take a habal-habal to kawasan since I think we won't make it during daylight to Kawasan if we choose to trek.. Otherwise, is it doable ba if we climb Osmena and after some rest at the peak we'll traverse straight to Kawasan (with a guide)? Like, is it possible for us to reach the falls by 3-4pm? This is around mid-June, by the way.

    1. Hi Rena,

      It's not possible to take a habal2x from Osmena to Kawasan as most of it are foot road. It's possible to reach Kawasan by 3-4 pm on a same day.

  19. hi sir leandro and mam rena,,ahm,,,by dy way im a habal2x driver here,,to osmenia to kawasan,,,ill give my mobile # then be4 you come here juzt call me,,,09434518416,,,,or you cn mesage me in faceebook,,,,,,,thakz,,,see you soon,,,,

  20. Hi, were planning to try osmena and it possible to go up in osmena then down, tapos habal habal na lng going to kawasan? thanks

    1. Yup possible raman sia pero medyo layo2 ang tuyukon sa habal2. Anyway, try to contact 09434518416 - Marlon for the habal2.

    2. hi sir leandro,,,bago na yung # ko,, 09224231523 eto na yung bago ko na #

  21. Hi Sir! Kaya bang dayhike osmena peak then kawasan falls. Ano po ideal time na umakyat para before or 5pm makauwi na from kawasan. :3 -apol-

    1. Hello Apple, Yes kaya. Mga 7 AM dapat nasa Osmena na kayo so from Cebu City mga 2 - 3 AM kayo magbus.


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