Stunning Eden Nature and Crocodile Parks in Davao

I finally set foot in Davao. The home of the highest mountain in the Philippines, the Mount Apo, and the place where the stinky but delicious Durian fruit can be found. The city is industrially called "The Crown Jewel of Mindanao" mainly because it is the financial trade center and the main hub of Mindanao.

I got there for leisure, to attend a wedding. It was also the best time to do side trips. So we decided to visit Eden Nature Park and Crocodile Park a day after the wedding. We hired a passenger jeep (pakyaw) to answer our transportation needs.

We rented an apartment in the center part of the city so going to Mount Talomo in Toril where Eden Nature park was situated took us a good hour and a half.

Eden Nature Park Entrance

When we got there, each of us paid for 150 Pesos registration fee. The place was cold and very large. So large that they are providing transportation services to roam around the beauty of nature. But as nature adventurists as we are, we decided to trek the place.

We trekked about 5 kilometers circling a small part of the area. Good thing they provided us with a trekking map but the funny part was that none of us was able to properly read the map. That resulted to a longer trek than expected.

That female deer

Peacocks are everywhere

Mr and Mrs Manobo

The campsite, where we actually got lost :)

In the afternoon, we went straight to the Crocodile Park located in Brgy. Ma-a. We had our lunch there before going to the main park. We paid a registration of 150 for the entrance.

Pungko2 gamay

Pangil, considered to be the largest in the park

Waiting for some meat, I guess

To complete our trip, we passed by Jack's Ridge to get a glimpse of Davao on top view.

The group at Jacks Ridge
After this tiring day, I went straight to my hometown, Iligan. That was one unforgettable Davao trip.

Thanks to Joie Arevalo for all the photos.


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