#LoserBoys Christmas Party at Rendezvous Beach Resort in Mactan Cebu

I belong to a special group called #LoserBoys. It is an all-male group and definitely not a boy band. The group is literally what the name suggests, loser boys. Loser in a sense that when the group was created, some of us were single, some heartbroken and most have girlfriends (future wives) working abroad and in some other places in the country. That is, really loser when it comes to our love lives. Haha.
Sunset at Rendesvous Beach Resort

We have been through a lot, we have trekked mountains and taken motorcycle trips around Cebu. We are also sports enthusiasts. The group plays basketball every week and do jogging on some days. I guess this is to divert our attention from having no partners in life. Haha again. By the way, we are all co-workers from the same company.

Anyway, enough about the group. We decided to go to hold our Christmas party in Rendezvous beach resort in Mactan Cebu. The beach is situated in Marigondon. It was an overnight party to really get the best of the beach.

There was no entrance fee. We rented a 1000-peso cottage which is I think good for 20 people. It was big. As soon as we arrived, we prepared food for dinner.

Some lady officemates went with us only to eat food :)

Mark preparing spaghetti.

The food was so abundant.

Dan slicing the grilled pork while we are watching.

Joie checks if it is a clear and even slice.

Some fruits were numbered for the "chinging geps" part

Of course, after preparing the food, comes the best part.

Ahh, the mango float..

was very creamy and yummy..

I was able to take only 2 pictures while eating. I can't be left behind. Even though food was abundant, the mouths to feed were many.

Moments after feeding the stomachs, we did exchanging of gifts. There was an unforgettable twist in this part. Our gifts should be 49.00 - 49.99 Pesos in amount. There were dreadful stories about how we bought our gifts days before. Someone had to go to 3 malls just to find a gift with such amount.

This is me receiving my gift (behind the camera)

I received that angry birds gift from Jee ar

That's a nice hanky Ylonah

Ligaya making a peace sign before killing someone haha

Joniel likes his money container

Paz was very happy receiving her comb

Dan receives his necklace

I forgot what that is but Benson seems to enjoy it

Jee-ar with the comb

Dutch is very happy with this new led flashlight and James with his new Dove soap

Mark received his food-related gift

Ylonah giving her gift to Joniel
Joie with a coffee mug
After that event, we gathered around to sing, tell stories, play Kings game (card) and talk about relationships.

As a habit, I woke up early in the morning to take pictures of the place.

Indicator of the danger zone

I love to play with silhouette shots

We went home around 7 in the morning. To informally introduce the members of the #LoserBoys. Here they are:

From left to right. Jee-ar, Mark, Dan, Me, Benson(can't find any link), James, Joniel, Joie, and Dutch
You may notice the hashtag in the name. We are active tweeps and can be found with such. Connect. :)

Sorry for the long post. :)


  1. Nice ka one Rene... Wala koy solo picture dah hahahah

    1. hahah. bitaw noh? mao raman na tanan akong pics didto. picturan lang nia tika unya haha

  2. magandang isa rene! hahahaha! fun reading #loserboys bg.. loL!

  3. Wow. Everybody looked so ... drunk(?) and happy!

  4. Thanks sa mga comments #loserboys haha.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! Read some of your posts too. Nice read.

  6. very nice silhouette! and foreground too..


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