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Green Pasture at the Green Lagoon Park in Compostela Cebu

Everytime I get to have a holiday break, I always see to it that I spend it with the things I love. One of these things is going to the beaches.

The Green Lagoon Park Beach
I  have heard of many good things about the Green Lagoon Park in Compostela Cebu. So, I chose this spot to spend time with.

Good thing I have partnered with a nature adventurist too. There was no problem in selecting the place since we both love it.

We arrived in the place at around 2 in the afternoon. The entrance fee was P20 each person. The cottage costs P500.

The beach offers a lot of amenities. It was truly a "green pasture".

Among them are:

The swimming pool in the middle of the resort

A place where you can buy souvenirs

They ran out of pizza when we asked

Employee's room

The banana boat - if you want to get wet and adventurous

You can play beach volleyball with your friends here

Their zipline can carry two people at a time

A row of cottages - each costs P500

Air conditioned room for overnight stay

After taking photos of the beautiful place, it was time to take photos of the beautiful face. :)

She loves camera and loves to pose.

Before night time, I went ahead and swam in the beach. It was very cold and clean.

It was a day filled with fun.

Sunset at Green Lagoon Park

We went home at around 6 in the evening. We really enjoyed the Green Lagoon Park.

Beach Amenities Prices:


  1. Wow Nice post... I will surely visit this place :)

  2. i love it..watta wonderful day!

  3. Nice post Rene!! I have my share of experience too in Green Lagoon..

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  5. very nice silhouette shot!

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  6. the resort seems to be complete with fun activities to do (that matter)

  7. Thanks for sharing. Im from Cebu but never visited this place. Ill check it out when I visit Philippines again.

    1. You're welcome Lita. You will enjoy surely enjoy this place.


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