11 Things I Learned in the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit

I was one of the attendees in the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit held in SM Cebu last November 24, 2012. It was one great and meaningful event and was participated by big industry players in the world wide web.

The whole event took place the whole day. With 7 hours of information bombarding, I was able to capture 11 important things that really impressed on me.

  1. Losing your Job is an Opportunity
    Fleire Castro was fired from her job because of blogging. She never stopped doing what she really loved - that is, blogging. That became the door-opener for what she has become today, a successful Internet entrepreneur.

  2. Losing Weight can bring You Success
    Alan Choachuy came out from the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition losing 92 pounds in 10 weeks. After that, he became a fitness coach and a celebrity, eventually becoming an influencer in social media.

  3. It's Never Too Late to Make Your Website
    Your online portfolio can make or take business opportunities for/from you. It serves as your weapon in your competitions battles. When planning to put up a business, it should be created beforehand. But that's not the case with Ben Francia. He created his website for a couple of years while he was already doing web development work. Yet, somehow, this provided him with more business opportunities along the way, including a client actually calling him to ask for a link from his site.
  4. Gaining Six Packs can Make You a TV personality
    Atleast that's what happened to Khoa Bui. He started with lots of writing and rewriting to get to where he is right now. From publishing a book to appearing in radio and TV interviews, he became successful. And his ultimate advice? "Gain six packs". There is a close correlation between living healthy and the success that you are trying to get.
  5. Keep on Writing but Write Intelligently
    Rabsin de la Cruz and Kevin Ray Chua are both excellent bloggers in their chosen niche. They may have different views about "writing according to the ethics book", but one thing is common in their advice, write intelligently. Be polite and remind yourself that there are "real" people reading your blog.
  6. Its Not Enough to just Write, Optimize Your Work
    Blogging nowadays is very different than blogging 10 years ago. There is a thing called 'SEO or Search Engine Optimization'. Even though this concept is very broad in its sense, SEO expert Ruben Licera never failed to define it clearly. In a nutshell, it's that thing that you do to get high rankings in Google or other search engines.

    Together with Tof Salcedo, also an expert in the field, they were able to give tips and techniques on how to do the thing. Some of their tips: Write unique and compelling articles, promote in social media, get other people to link back to your post, bookmark your site and many more.

  7. Take Online Action Even if You're an Offline Business
    Elisa Escobar is the current general manager of Azalea Residences. Her team managed to do online marketing efforts through social media to increase the scope of their target market. After that, she was able to find a significant increase in ROI due to their online endeavors.

    Even though not offline in nature, Lenddo did the same thing for online marketing. They already had bloggers to blog about them in mind before creating their online campaign. Richard Eldridge spearheaded the said campaign.

    Ultimately, the campaigns were all about building relationships with influencers and eventually they became influencers themselves.

  8. Make Social Media Your "Online Blackboard"
    A determined educator, Joseph Saraspe made use of social media the right way. He ensures that learning still takes place outside the 4 walls of classrooms. He used social media to post learning materials and let his students interact to them, a must-follow advocacy.

  9. We are influencers in Our Own Circles
  10. To influence is to have the power to change. This is what Janette Toral stood by when she gave her lecture about the upcoming elections. 
  11. As bloggers, we already have the media and the advantage to make a change particularly political change.

  12. Help Others and Be Helped
    A doctor's job is normally to help other people with medical concerns. Same goes with bloggers who normally give information for the benefit of others. But not this time with Doctor-Blogger Narciso "Buboy" Tapia. He delivered a heart-touching pitch pleading for help from us. He was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and he needs a transplant. He is asking for donation of any amount for the transplant to proceed.

    Visit Doc Buboy's Kidney Transplant Fund for more details.

  13. Freelancing is Easy
    With the help of Orville Tadle from Elance, my perception of freelancing was changed. I thought freelancing was hard. Yet, he showed several steps on how to make an outstanding profile and some tips on how to make proposals and win clients.
The summit concluded with success, small talks and a group picture. I hope to be in this kind of event again soon.
Participants and Speakers in Digital Influencers Marketing Summit - Cebu - November 24, 2012

Please contact me for any incorrect information. Thanks!


  1. I was invited to the event, but unfortunately I had a prior engagement. It's a lucky thing you shared some of the highlights of the event.

    This is so engaging , funny at times, and nicely written. I bet someone is rolling his eyes out about "The Six Pack Abs". LOL ;)

    1. Thanks for reading JR. About the "rolling his eyes out" thing, we all did! hahaha.

  2. Yes, i agree with it. I am also one of the attendee.
    here is my blog: http://ramzkie.com/2012/11/what-does-it-take-to-be-a-digital-influencer/

    1. Good to see you here Ramil.

      Nice read BTW! Keep blogging! Followed you. :)

  3. This really sums up well the summit. Thanks for featuring my plea in this post.

  4. wow! ang ganda pala ng event. i wish I had the opportunty to listen to Rabsin de la Cruz and Kevin Ray Chua. interested ako sa paksa nila.

    1. it was really a great event. you can visit their personal blogs. I think nagpost sila about their insights.

  5. Having this info was great! Thanks for sharing this valuable post you have learned from digital influencers marketing. Keep it!

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