Unforgettable Overnight Stay at Karancho Beach Resort in Mactan Cebu

I had the chance to go back to Karancho beach resort in Mactan island of Cebu. This was the place where I had my first try of kayaking. That was 3 years ago and a lot have changed.

Yours truly 3 years ago
Our group went on an overnight stay just to enjoy a holiday break. We arrived at the resort at around 6 in the evening. Just the right time for the overnight rates to kick in.

We were greeted by this sign at the entrance
The entrance fee was P60 each person and the cottage was P800. This is just good for 6PM to 6AM use. The cottage was just ok in terms of the size and there was only one outlet and only good for the lights. I had to say one outlet because we had a problem with it. We brought a laptop, a modem and a set of speakers. Too bad we were not able to use any one of them.

The cottage we rented
Anyway, time to prepare our dishes for the night. We brought along fish and pork to grill. We had to pay P50 for using the grill area. Of course we had other food like seaweeds (guso) and bam-i. We bought rice from outside. Good thing there is no drinks and and food corkage.

The grillers
Hab hab time
After the meal time, we traded everything for songs, stories and big LOLs for the rest of the night.

The next morning, I took the liberty to capture moments and scenery. And here's what I've got:

All amenities pictured above have rates starting from P50 per hour. They also offer island hopping and snorkeling services for just P75 per person.

After several cups of coffee and noodles, the memories we had have been brought back to home with us.

How to get there:
You can take a jeepney ride to Soong from Highway Mandaue. I think the fare is P15. Not sure because I was riding a motorcycle. :) 


  1. Looks like a good venue for a quickie family outing :)

  2. Haven't been to Cebu yet but I'm planning to visit it on January, in time for sinulog, hopefully. ;) Anyway, thanks for visiting and following my site, followed you back just now. Thanks again... :)

    1. Im sure you will enjoy Cebu.

      Thanks for ff back! :)

    2. Just make sure that you have extra MONEY... Every moved has its corresponding payment.

    3. This is true. haha. Thanks for dropping by boyjim.

  3. nice post..will go here someday..

  4. Dude.. I didnt like the resort at all. There were black worms in the water. WTF!

  5. Just found this post! Nice one boyi :D Will be going here on Wed :) Hoping for a feel good weather. Thanks for the overview :)

  6. Cool! Looks like an ideal place for a celebration or small gathering of friends. =)


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