Trekking Babag Mountain Ranges of Cebu

My friends and I decided to do our first climb as a group. We have chosen Babag Mountain ranges to trek and conquer. These ranges have been climbed by both professional and amateur climbers in Cebu.

We met at Jollibee in Banawa and rode a jeepney going to Guadalupe Church in Napo. After that, we rode a motorcycle-for-hire going to our jumpoff point. 

From there, we trekked, we sweated, we laughed and after 7 hours of amateur trekking, we arrived at the summit and all our weariness was gone. Our exit point was at Mountain View then to JY square.

The pictures below tell the story of our journey:

The team at Jollibee Banawa
We started trekking at around 9 AM
River covered by trees

The people's main source of living.

The  "trekkers"

Serene waters

The elevation part starts..

Yours truly
The team reached the summit around 4 PM


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