Cebu City to Tingko Beach in Alcoy - My Motorcycle Diary

My friends and I decided to have a trip somewhere in southern Cebu. Most of our motorcycles are new so it was the best time to do our break in. We have spotted Alcoy as our end-point for the trip. But we had no idea about the exact place to stop and rest until we reached the place.

The team at Shell station in SRP; had our MC check-up for the long run
We have covered approximately 90 kilometers from Cebu City to Alcoy. It was good enough to empty out my 3.5 liters of full tank gasoline. We started the trip at around 9 AM and arrived in Alcoy at about 12NN.

Great laugh at Carcar City Market - we had our stop over here to buy food to eat
As soon as we hit Alcoy, we have spotted Tingko beach resort and decided to stop, rest and enjoy the night there. There was no entrance fee but the small cottage costs around 50 pesos. It was actually cheaper than we expected.

White sand in Tingko Beach Resort

Too bad something else was focused :)

Nope, these were not our tents. They were our neighbors. :)

We rented a room worth 1000 pesos for overnight stay. It was large enough for all of us to occupy the space. There were 6 of us in the trip.

Tingko beach at Dawn. Nice view.
The next day, we still had fun swimming in the beach. We checked out at 12 NN and we headed home tired but fulfilled and overjoyed.


  1. ang nice ng mga blue hour shots mo! lalo na from the posts after this one.. But dito na ako magcocomment kasi I rarely read motorcycle diaries/posts.. ang galing lang that you also document this kind of lakad!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for appreciating my shots and this post. Now, I'm inspired to do more MC diary posts. :)

  3. hi. do u happen to have any contact number there?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Gladys, thanks for dropping by. You can try to contact them here: Tingko Beach FB Page

  4. Hi rene! This is a good read. Hehehe. :)) guess who..

    1. maglibog ko kinsa ka..hahaha.. pero murag taga davao ka? hahaha


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