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Google’s Blessings to Me

I have been running Google ads in my websites for a couple of months now. In this particular post, I will share to you my experience on how Google returned the blessings back to me for one certain website. Last month, I launched a one-article website for a micro niche. I used one keyword to rank for that site. It has about 500 searches for a month. This was basically part of my experiments on making money with Google. After creating the website for 4 hours and backlinking for 7 days, my website got ranked on Google. It was on the 6 th spot of the first page for that one keyword that I used.   Of course, this website already had Adsense ads on it. A few days after, I started to receive traffic from that site. Not so many though, about 8-10 a day. With that kind of number, I was earning 50-75 cents on average daily. I was happy. Being content, I never visited the site to do changes nor created more backlinks to it. But I was still receiving constant clicks on the site

Steve Jobs Dead at 56

The famous Steve Jobs died at the age of 56 on October 5, 2011. He was reported to having health issues for several years already. He undergone treatments and surgery from his pancreatic cancer. Before he died, he resigned as Apple's CEO on August 24. He is known as the intelligent marketing guy and the mad scientist behind Apple. He revolutionized the computing and telecommunications industry through his technological innovations. He will be greatly remembered. The world would be different without a Steve Jobs.

Beautiful Gilutongan Island in Cebu

Gilutongan [Hilutongan] is a small island located in Cebu, Philippines. It is considered a municipality of Cordova, Cebu. It is a very small island, so small that you can walk around the island and be back in the same spot for 10 minutes. Yet, despite its smallness, Gilutongan prides itself with fish sanctuary and a diving spot. Gilutongan Island generates P100, 000 income from tourist spots and attractions daily. Here are some photos I took when I went to Island.

September 2011 Earnings Report

I like to keep track of my monthly earnings just for me to check if there is any progress in my earnings. I got serious in making money online just this month. So, this is the very first earnings report. Google Adsense - $12 Clickbank - $25 Hubpages Ad Program - $.04 Infolinks - $.04 Amazon - $0 Total: $37.08 I think this is not bad considering that this is my first month. I hope I can increase this in the coming months.