A New Perspective

I was listening to Chris Tomlin songs this morning via Youtube when I stumbled upon one of Louie Giglio's videos called Indescribable. This video really put me on a new perspective.

Here are 6 things that renewed my mind and heart after watching the video:

1. I am really small but I am significant also.
2. God is huge and enormous. Greater that I could ever imagine.
3. God is very powerful and at the same time merciful.
4. All the things that God did from creating the universe to dying on the cross were driven by love and love alone.
5. I ought to worship Him day and night as a thanksgiving for giving His life for me.
6. That He really is indescribable and unfathomable. That His thoughts and ways are not like ours.

So, I encourage you to watch the video (5 different parts) and be blessed forever.
God bless!
Here is the video:


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  2. Thanks for sharing this one! God is really awesome and amazing!


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