My Random Thoughts: Craig and Samantha

Craig and Samantha just entered the Talentadong Pinoy hall of fame. They won their seventh competition last night making them the newest hall of famers.

But, there are a lot of discussions all over the country about them not "qualified" as Pinoys or Filipinos. It's all over Facebook. In this post I want to share with you my unbiased and unsolicited viewpoints in defense to Craig and Samantha and no offense to the critiques.

Let me start by saying that if there is one thing that makes other people (some other Filipinos to be exact) think that the famers are not Filipinos, that is because of colonial mentality. And I quote from Wikipedia, Colonial mentality is "The concept that essentially refers to the acceptance, by the colonized, of the culture or doctrines of the colonizer as intrinsically more worthy or superior." In simple terms, after being colonized by Americans, some say they helped us but you can tell from its effects to us nowadays, Filipinos tend to think highly of anything that has an American connection. 

Critics say that the famers are not Filipinos because they did not grow up in the Philippines and they can't even speak straight Tagalog. Well I say that growing an orange tree in the US does not mean that it will bear strawberries, right? The children have a Filipino mother which means that Filipino blood runs through their veins also. Look at them, they clearly look like Filipinos. 

Another thing I would like to point out is the kind of mentality that we have every time new international artists would come up and we find out that they have Filipino descent (even if its 1/3 of their blood). Let me cite a couple of examples: Maria Aragon, Jasmine Trias, or commonly known as Allan Pineda of Black Eyed Peas. What do they have in common? Yes, they are international artists and yes they have Filipino blood in them and yes that they don't know how to speak Tagalog and yes they did not grow up here. Yet, we accepted them as pure Pinoys! The Philippines had a leap of heart when we found out that they are Filipinos. I mean, that's our trademark today Isn't it? Finding for Filipino genealogy traces of very known people abroad. And next thing you know, it's all over the Philippine news.

So what's the difference with Craig and Sam? None right? None at all. They just happen to be joining Talendatong Pinoy because they have the talent and they are Filipinos. They were even accepted in the auditions. They just have the talent to dance and please the judges and the Philippines and they know surely the "kiliti" of the Pinoys. No wonder why they are on the top right now. No wonder why they won.


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