Is IE9 Compatible With Windows XP?

This was the question I had in mind when I was installing a software that needs IE9 to run. So, I searched the net for answers to this question. I badly needed an answer because if I wont be able to install Internet Explorer 9, then I wont be able to use a major part of that software I purchased.

So, Is IE9 compatible with Windows XP? The sad answer is NO. According to Ryan Gavin, Senior director of IE business and marketing, the new windows xp today is windows 7. So, they are really focusing on beautifying Windows 7 with the support of IE9.

I quote "continue to focus on how we do a great job with Windows 7.". Gavin said. He also said that a modern web needs a modern technology. This obviously refers to Windows 7.

Thus, I got my answer and I think I'll say goodbye to the software I just purchased.


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