Best Adsense Ad Size and Format

This is a quick post about my experience in optimizing Adsense. I did a couple of adsense experiments before to check which really converts well. My findings are as follows:
  • BEST ADSENSE SIZE: 336 x 280. 
  • BEST PLACEMENT: In between the title of your article and the body. 
  • BEST COLOR: Blue title text, gray url and body text, white background with no border 
  • BEST FORMAT: Use text format only. People are likely to click on text ads than images.
If you are looking for an example, check the above ads.

This one is so far the best adsense ad for me. I am still experimenting with other adsense ads and will update soon.


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  2. Hi Boy, this is a great post. Very informative and practical - thanks for sharing!


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