Affiliate Marketing Tip: Domain Redirection

According to my friend Wikipedia, "Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts." In other words, affiliates promote products of merchants and each time a customer purchases the product through the affiliate website, the affiliate earns a commission of the sale. Clickbank is a website or commonly known as a "marketplace" where both affiliates and merchants meet.

I have been doing Internet marketing especially affiliate marketing for a couple of months now. There are a lot of strategies I have tried to increase my online income. One of these strategies is called Domain Redirection.

In a nutshell, it is simply redirecting your website automatically to the merchant's page everytime traffic goes to your website.

There are a lot of ways that you can do domain redirection and I found that the way that I did it is so far the simplest among these. There are three benefits I get with domain redirection, these are:

1. No website needed, only a domain.
2. Only needs domain that can be bought for $2.
3. If you are in a hurry, this method consumes less time compared to other strategies.

Here are the steps I normally do with domain redirection.

1. After choosing the product to promote in Clickbank, go to and purchase a domain (usually the mechants website name with .info extension). I usually go with .info because it costs 1-2 dollars only. If .info is not available, you can always choose another domain except .tk. I don't know but for some reason, GoDaddy does not allow domains with .tk extension to be forwarded.
2. After purchasing, click on the Domain manager in GoDaddy and and click on the purchased domain.
3. Click on the forward menu and enter your clickbank hoplink in the forward address field. Clickbank hoplink is a special kind of link that Clickbank gives you if you promote a certain product. Then click save.
4. Wait for around an hour for GoDaddy to activate your forward request. You will then receive an email notification once the forwarding is confirmed.

After that, try to test your link. Access your link in the browser and see if it automatically redirects to the merchant page and check if your clickbank ID is carried on. Example. If you can see that in the URL, you are good to go.

I must tell you though that your URL or website will not be displayed in the search engines. It is because you do not have a website with contents after all. You just have a domain.

So, to promote this kind of URL. I encourage you to write articles about the product you are promoting and submitting them to article directories like and Just put your URL in the bio boxes. If your articles are indexed in Google, you will certainly received traffic for that and it will bring the traffic directly to the merchant page. If the traffic or visitor buys the product, you will earn the commission.

This kind of method works with Clickbank. This is legal but I don't know with other marketplaces. Before you try this with other marketplaces like Plimus, CJ, or Amazon. Be sure to read their agreements.


  1. I really found your post very interesting. Affiliate marketing is typically being run by affiliate networks and this affiliate networks are composed of two functional bodies, the group affiliates and the group merchants.

  2. Hi Samual, thanks for commenting. You are right indeed..


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