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Google’s Blessings to Me

I have been running Google ads in my websites for a couple of months now. In this particular post, I will share to you my experience on how Google returned the blessings back to me for one certain website.
Last month, I launched a one-article website for a micro niche. I used one keyword to rank for that site. It has about 500 searches for a month. This was basically part of my experiments on making money with Google.
After creating the website for 4 hours and backlinking for 7 days, my website got ranked on Google. It was on the 6th spot of the first page for that one keyword that I used.Of course, this website already had Adsense ads on it.
A few days after, I started to receive traffic from that site. Not so many though, about 8-10 a day. With that kind of number, I was earning 50-75 cents on average daily. I was happy.
Being content, I never visited the site to do changes nor created more backlinks to it. But I was still receiving constant clicks on the site on that 50-75 cents-p…

Steve Jobs Dead at 56

The famous Steve Jobs died at the age of 56 on October 5, 2011. He was reported to having health issues for several years already. He undergone treatments and surgery from his pancreatic cancer.

Before he died, he resigned as Apple's CEO on August 24. He is known as the intelligent marketing guy and the mad scientist behind Apple. He revolutionized the computing and telecommunications industry through his technological innovations.

He will be greatly remembered. The world would be different without a Steve Jobs.

Beautiful Gilutongan Island in Cebu

Gilutongan [Hilutongan] is a small island located in Cebu, Philippines. It is considered a municipality of Cordova, Cebu. It is a very small island, so small that you can walk around the island and be back in the same spot for 10 minutes. Yet, despite its smallness, Gilutongan prides itself with fish sanctuary and a diving spot. Gilutongan Island generates P100, 000 income from tourist spots and attractions daily.

Here are some photos I took when I went to Island.

September 2011 Earnings Report

I like to keep track of my monthly earnings just for me to check if there is any progress in my earnings. I got serious in making money online just this month. So, this is the very first earnings report.

Google Adsense - $12
Clickbank - $25
Hubpages Ad Program - $.04
Infolinks - $.04
Amazon - $0

Total: $37.08

I think this is not bad considering that this is my first month. I hope I can increase this in the coming months.

Best Adsense Ad Size and Format

This is a quick post about my experience in optimizing Adsense. I did a couple of adsense experiments before to check which really converts well. My findings are as follows:
BEST ADSENSE SIZE: 336 x 280. BEST PLACEMENT: In between the title of your article and the body. BEST COLOR: Blue title text, gray url and body text, white background with no border BEST FORMAT: Use text format only. People are likely to click on text ads than images. If you are looking for an example, check the above ads.

This one is so far the best adsense ad for me. I am still experimenting with other adsense ads and will update soon.

Vision Without Glasses Honest Review

If you are someone who is looking for an honest and objective review about Vision Without Glasses, then continue reading on. This is the right article for you. Let me get into the details right away. WHO IS THE AUTHOR?
The author of this book is Duke Peterson. He was greatly influenced by the work of Dr. William Bates, a New York opthalmologist during the 1800's who believed that the eyes can be cured without necessarily having a surgery. WHO IS THIS BOOK FOR?
This book is great for people who are having the following kind of eye problems: MyopiaLazy eyeCross eyeMacular degenerationEyestrainDyslexiaAstigmatismHyperopiaPresbyopiaCataractGlaucomaTension HeadacheLight SensitivityPoor Night VisionWHAT IS THIS BOOK ABOUT? This book is about curing your eye problems without having eye surgery.The usage of natural ways in curing your vision problems.Helping you live a care-free life while in the process of curing your eye problem.This book tells you the truth about using glasses and contact…

Is IE9 Compatible With Windows XP?

This was the question I had in mind when I was installing a software that needs IE9 to run. So, I searched the net for answers to this question. I badly needed an answer because if I wont be able to install Internet Explorer 9, then I wont be able to use a major part of that software I purchased.

So, Is IE9 compatible with Windows XP? The sad answer is NO. According to Ryan Gavin, Senior director of IE business and marketing, the new windows xp today is windows 7. So, they are really focusing on beautifying Windows 7 with the support of IE9.

I quote "continue to focus on how we do a great job with Windows 7.". Gavin said. He also said that a modern web needs a modern technology. This obviously refers to Windows 7.

Thus, I got my answer and I think I'll say goodbye to the software I just purchased.

National Family Day in the Philippines

September 26, 2011 has been officially announced as the national family day of the Philippines. It was announced by the Malacanang by way of a Presidential Special Order. This is declared as a non-working holiday.

This movement encourages every Filipino family to gather together and bond especially during meal time. In doing this, parents and children will be open to family discussions and address whatever issues each member has.

I strongly support this kind of act.

Snark Tuners

Snark company is known as one of the worlds most advanced makers of stringed instruments tuners. It has been producing high quality clip-on digital tuners for decades now.

Snark Tuners are high-tech tuning gadgets. They are compatible with almost any kind of stringed instruments out there. Be it guitar, violin, ukulele, or bass, Snark made sure that they cater all of these instruments.

These tuners have been helping the music industry bringing quality music. The likes of Santana and Steve Lukather recommend these tuners.
There are a couple of famous snark tuners you can buy in Amazon. Be sure to pick snark tuners when planning to buy clip on tuners.

Steps You Can Do To Protect Your Content

If you are someone who constantly creates high-quality content for websites (or is outsourcing your contents), then this information is right for you. You need to know how to protect the copyright of your content especially that copying content from other websites is very rampant today.

Adam Short, founder of Niche Profit Classroom,  has laid out steps that you can do to protect your content from being copied or if its already copied, he has intelligently shared the steps that you can do to have the duplicate content remove.

He has covered a lot of good grounds on copyright and intellectual property information. I, for one, has been showered with so much helpful information about the contents that I do.

Here is the link for Adam Short article called, Copyright Violation Protection.

New Millionaire: Karl Jonathan Aguilar

Karl Jonathan Aguilar just won 2 million pesos from Who wants to be a millionaire on September 18, 2011. This was televised in TV5 with host Vic Sotto.

 The 2 million worth answer to the question is Index Librorum Prohibitorum which is basically the prohibited books from the Roman office of Inquisition. Know more here.

Karl even asked for forgiveness from his mother because he wanted to take the risk (to answer the 2 million question). But that risk eventually resulted to more happiness and joy.

Congrats Karl! Way to go!

Niche Profit Shortcut Works

I want to share that I have been a member of Niche Profit Classroom for over 2 months now. I have created 4 websites using the tools in NPC. I have 3 adsense websites created using NPS and 1 affiliate marketing website created using the old Niche Profit Automator tool.

I can say that the strategies and the tools NPC has are the greatest so far in terms of Internet Marketing, SEO or making money online. I am already earning in my adsense websites and already getting search engine traffic for 3 of my NPC websites.

I am glad that I joined NPC and I will be creating more and more websites to make more money online. I can say that Adsense is a numbers game. The more websites you have, the greater income you can have.

I will be creating a progress report here on my blog maybe on a weekly or monthly basis.


Money Making: Pay Per Post blogging

Today, I just received an email from stating that an advertiser wants me to do a blog post for a certain topic. The email is just to confirm if I am interested in doing the blog post.

I accepted the offer and I hope I will be selected for posting. The offer is $50 for the post with a minimum of 30 words.

I used my website to apply as a blogger in before. If the advertiser likes my website, then there  is a big possibility that he will choose me.

This is my first time for this kind of money making scheme.

Adsense Alternative: Infolinks

I have been making money online using Google Adsense for the past couple of months now. So far I am very happy with it. Now, I want to get more exposure from other pay-per-click schemes out there and I stumbled upon Infolinks. 
I read an article stating that Infolink is one big threat to Adsense. They are pretty much the same and Infolinks is getting more and more publishers and advertisers. The good thing about Infolinks is that they are not very strict with approvals and they say in their website that they share up to 70% revenue to publishers. That's good to know.
On the other hand, I have come across a forum condemning Infolinks. One poster said that they do not pay out as promised in their website. He even had screenshot of his earnings and boy, it was very low.
It may be good or bad, but I am willing to try Infolinks and see if there will be improvements in my income.

Which Gets Indexed Faster? Self-Built Site VS Wordpress Site

I will do a quick post about an observation I have with regards to creating sites and getting indexed in search engines. I have been developing websites from scratch using PHP and Mysql. I have also done rapid application developments for websites using the very famous Wordpress platform.

I did an experiment last month. I created a website from scratch using PHP and Mysql and I created another site (with a different topic) using Wordpress. After creating those sites, I have them on SEO. I did the same thing for both websites. You know the usual SEO stuff like article marketing, blogging, Forum posting, bookmarking, etc. By the way, the site created from scratch had meta tags in it.

Then I waited and observed the two sites. After about one week, the Wordpress site was indexed in Google. Then two weeks after, the site that I created from scratch got indexed.

This is not the first time that I have observed this. But, this is the first time that I did an experiment. I don't know about…

My Random Thoughts: Craig and Samantha

Craig and Samantha just entered the Talentadong Pinoy hall of fame. They won their seventh competition last night making them the newest hall of famers.

But, there are a lot of discussions all over the country about them not "qualified" as Pinoys or Filipinos. It's all over Facebook. In this post I want to share with you my unbiased and unsolicited viewpoints in defense to Craig and Samantha and no offense to the critiques.
Let me start by saying that if there is one thing that makes other people (some other Filipinos to be exact) think that the famers are not Filipinos, that is because of colonial mentality. And I quote from Wikipedia, Colonial mentality is "The concept that essentially refers to the acceptance, by the colonized, of the culture or doctrines of the colonizer as intrinsically more worthy or superior." In simple terms, after being colonized by Americans, some say they helped us but you can tell from its effects to us nowadays, Filipinos tend to …

Affiliate Marketing Tip: Domain Redirection

According to my friend Wikipedia, "Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts." In other words, affiliates promote products of merchants and each time a customer purchases the product through the affiliate website, the affiliate earns a commission of the sale. Clickbank is a website or commonly known as a "marketplace" where both affiliates and merchants meet.

I have been doing Internet marketing especially affiliate marketing for a couple of months now. There are a lot of strategies I have tried to increase my online income. One of these strategies is called Domain Redirection.

In a nutshell, it is simply redirecting your website automatically to the merchant's page everytime traffic goes to your website.

There are a lot of ways that you can do domain redirection and I found that the way that I did it is so far the s…

A New Perspective

I was listening to Chris Tomlin songs this morning via Youtube when I stumbled upon one of Louie Giglio's videos called Indescribable. This video really put me on a new perspective.

Here are 6 things that renewed my mind and heart after watching the video:

1. I am really small but I am significant also.
2. God is huge and enormous. Greater that I could ever imagine.
3. God is very powerful and at the same time merciful.
4. All the things that God did from creating the universe to dying on the cross were driven by love and love alone.
5. I ought to worship Him day and night as a thanksgiving for giving His life for me.
6. That He really is indescribable and unfathomable. That His thoughts and ways are not like ours.

So, I encourage you to watch the video (5 different parts) and be blessed forever.
God bless!
Here is the video:

How To Do Social Bookmarking During Your Seo Link Building Campaign

Author: Hiren K Modi

If you are not SEO & want to read full article so, I want to give you some overview on social bookmarking. This social bookmarking activity is highly dedicated to manage your daily work during internet surfing. Currently, major internet users are using browser bookmark tool to get it done so, they can access that bookmarks at any time. If you will use some another system during your work so, you will not able to access that bookmarks.

In terms of social, social bookmarking will give you facility to access your saved URL across the internet with your certain login detail. You can also share your favorite URL to your network via social network. Right away, If you are owner of any blog or article or website so, social bookmarking will help you to gain your search engine visibility as well as views.

Now, I want to share some useful tips which will help you during your SEO link building campaign.

Profile: If you want to create strong social bookmarking profile so, you…