Jobzeee Ezoic September 2020 Income Report - Make Money Online Philippines

So I have enjoyed yet another blessing from Ezoic. September 2020 brought in 52 USD which is 5 dollars less than August 2020. My traffic is also around 14k sesions. Check out the income report video I created below to know more about my website. I received my earnings on August 2020 on the last week of September via Paypal.

Jobzeee Site Performance - Ezoic Monthly Income Report - August 2020 - Make Money Online Philippines

I have been experimenting with making money online since 2015. I have built many sites that usually earn through Adsense. I was also able to experiment with a dropshipping site for 2 years.  This year I thought of creating another site to make money online. In July 2020, I created this Philippine job board website  and applied it in Ezoic ad program. I got accepted because on the first month the website already got 10,000+ sessions which is the minimum required sessions. Ezoic customer service is also superb. They helped me setup the website and get the ads running. August 2020 Traffic Below is my traffic screenshot for the month of August (2nd month of the website) Most of my traffic come from Facebook and Google. Some of my FB job groups have 20000+ members so I get many referral traffic from that. Also, the website is already on the job snippets of Google that is why google_job_apply organic traffic is high. Searck Keywords The following screenshots are from Google Search Console fo

Migrating Wordpress from Hostgator to Hostinger Using the WordPress Migration & Duplicator Plugin

In the video below, I demonstrated how to migrate a Wordpress website from Hostgator hosting to Hostinger. I am using a plugin called  WordPress Migration & Duplicator . Check out the video below:

Isidro's Beach Resort in Initao, Misamis Oriental Birthday Celebration

My wife celebrated her birthday at Isidro's Beach Resort located in Initao, Misamis Oriental. The place is about an hour car ride from Iligan city. It boasts white sands and serene surroundings. Having loud videoke is not allowed so you can really enjoy the sounds of nature. Our family enjoyed the place very much. We rented the P1,200 worth cottage. Here is my wife's vlog on the event:

Kazh Dreamland Resort and Convention Center in Libertad, Misamis Oriental

Brought my wife and son to Kazh Dreamland Resort as part of my Valentine's day gift for them. We enjoyed it a lot. The place is still under construction but it is great for family gatherings and celebrations. My wife vlogged the place. Check out below: Here is my little video montage of the place:

My Wife Started a Vlog in 2020

Yes, my wife who is also busy with taking care of two boys (me and my son) has started a daily/weekly vlog this year. I challenged her to do it because she is looking for a way to record our lives and the best way to do it is through YouTube. Right now, she has uploaded fifteen videos already and we are still in the middle of January. She hopes to share her life, interests and beliefs to the people. The topics she likes to discuss are family, parenthood, marriage, housekeeping, cooking, travel, and her love to Jesus. I am excited for her because I see that she enjoys doing it. She now has a content calendar and everything and is planning daily for her activities. This is a good activity specially for a full-time stay-at-home mom like her. I am excited to see where this thing is going. I am just happy to see her happy. Check out her channel here