Wednesday, August 24

July Google Adsense Payment Report

Gikan pakog laba medyo kapuy pa. :)

But it was a great day yesterday. I received another payment from Google Adsense with a significant increase compared to the month of June.

Month of June - 387.53 USD
Month of July - 529.15 USD (I received 24,159.71 Php)

A difference of 141.62 is great at least for me. This inspires me to keep going.

Traffic: The overall number of Sessions in my sites for the month of July is 39,027. June had the overall traffic of 28,666.

I am happy with my earnings so far and currently looking into affiliate marketing to add to it.

Unta musaka pa next month.

Friday, August 5

Wide VS Macro VS Fish Eye VS Normal IPhone Lens

As part of my goal to learn mobile photography and videography, I bought a 3 in 1 mobile phone lens from Lazada. In this post, I will give example of images and videos using the lenses.

Iphone lens 2

All the images and videos below were taken using the Iphone 6s plus back camera. 

Normal Camera


Fish Eye Lens


Macro Lens


Wide Angle Lens


I really liked the wide angle and macro lenses. I will be using wide angle for videos and macro for photos.

Here are some shots I took with the Macro lens. 

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Untitled Untitled